Mountain Tops


  At 10:00 am, we were in Huntington Beach wondering what Friday would bring us. The weather was salty and grey, an an entire tumultuous ocean seasoned before us. Still in our flannels, he asked me what I wanted to do on our day together. I shrugged, “I don’t care, babe.” Less than a minute later, I was following him around rattling off thoughts… “Palm Springs. Malibu. San Diego. LA. Big Bear. Staycation.” I guess I did care. I was hoping for a twelve hour adventure, a new scene to... Read The Rest →



It’s always a treat to be at sea with the ones you love. The splash of seawater against the hull. The raising of lines. Laughter. Floating kelp. A golden tint to everything. Cruise ships. Pelicans. Sunglass swapping. Solitude. Talking politics, religion, and everything else they tell us to avoid. The United States of China? It could happen. Confessions. Learning. Stillness. Cargo ships. Quiet. A skyrise horizon. Teamwork. Dreams of living at sea. A resolve to live like we’re on vacation. The four of us. And Love. Lots and lots of love. Summer, please stay.    ... Read The Rest →



As some of you Facebook/Instagram friendsies have seen, my husband and I are in the middle of *quite* the project. As of two weeks ago, we are first-time homeowners! AYYYY!! CHEERS BAYBAYY! Now before you get the wrong idea and think we’re super ritzy…. let me define home owners. I’m talking studio sized/reverse loft home. As in, 500 square feet. 500 square feet, may I add, that when purchased was covered in wallpaper from baseboard to ceiling in every room. Andddd, may I add, said ceiling was covered with a... Read The Rest →

The Darling Housewife, Part 2: Sarah Carter


Sometimes it feels like the universe is playing a practical joke on me. Because I swear on the stars that laundry hampers aren’t dramatic, but mine literally just vomited dirty clothes, and now a leg of my favorite jeans is hanging out of its mouth, looking ironically similar to a tongue, being stuck out DIRECTLY AT ME, and now, due to the chaos, I can’t find one single clean pair of comfortable underwear (you know the difference). So not only do I have to wear my ugly pants, but ALSO my uncomfortable... Read The Rest →

Happy Anniversary, My LOVE!

A year ago, today, we stared at each other right in the eyes and vowed nothing short of forever… But, that was just the beginning. With the help of our family and friends, we also made the reception floor bow dancing too hard, successfully crowd-surfed, and ran through a tunnel of cheering people waving their sparklers in the rain. Cheers to the fun and richness of growing old with you, Andrew Schey!!!

From Portland, With Love


Dearest Darlings, Just a note to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you! I promise, I promise. Drew and I drove 22 hours up the Pacific coast to celebrate our upcoming 1 year anniversary. Cannot even believe how fast paced this first year was. I write to you from Portland, where I have become a professional shopper, eater, and long journey copilot. Days pass slowly, in the best way possible. I have time to notice the colors in the leaves, the aftertaste of good wine, and the adorable wrinkles under... Read The Rest →

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