Engaged: Meghan & Glenn


We took the town in the pouring rain. They kissed it out on street corners, and I followed their romance through artful Los Angeles alley ways. She hid under her leather jacket, and he pulled her in by the waist, keeping his girl warm in heart and body. Passersby stopped and smiled and out-loud admired, as if they were seeing something straight off the big screen. Yet these two defy script and fantasy– what you see is real, and the only thing predictable is their ending. It’s a whole-life fling,... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Ari & Kris


She used to steal my beanie babies. But she wouldn’t ever own up to it. She’d say she was “trading”– replacing my pristine tag-intact collectors for her dog-chewed slobbery tagless ragamuffins. I never said a thing to her though. We were kids. And she was one of my best friends. And I wanted the best for her. Even at the expense of a busted early retirement as a beanie baby guru. We grew up together. I drove her around  town in my old jeep, and we screamed out our windows... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Ali & Jeff


  One of the most playful couples in the whole wideeee west, guaranteed. Their romance is anything but ordinary– blending in with the rest– they could not. They’re the type found shamelessly lighting up their corner of the city with echoes of laughter and hints of forever, and so I documented what I found. They pinch each other’s butts, crack each other up, and steal kisses in between. They exchange kind words, flirty scrunchy-nose glances, and extra tall orders for bear hugs. They’re what we hope to see, and I’ve got... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Tyler & Elizabeth


They were just friends, she said. Justttt not into her, he said. OH THE LIESSSS. And the pretense? Friends with solid flirt-perks. Just soccer team c0-captains. Just alma-mater sharers. Just study partners. Just someone to clank glasses with (oh, every) Friday night. She’d host elaborate dinner parties serving handmade pumpkin ravioli because she’s real fancy like that, and he not only gladly joined her hey look at the marriage material I am showcasing, but he somehow ended up joining the conversations Elizabeth was a part of… even when she was seated... Read The Rest →

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