Engaged: Melissa & Billy


She had given it just the right amount of thought, considered her feelings and where they came from, and finally decided the crush building within her would erupt on it’s own if she didn’t handle it soon. So, she gathered up all the quadrillion spastic butterflies in her heart, the ones that make you smother your own squeals with your pillow as you lay in bed thinking of him at night, the same evil butterflies that cause your mouth to feel like ALL OF THE SALIVA is forever gone, the... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Ashley & Patrick


It was her first weekend of college in Boulder, and better yet, her first real college party. I’m sure, in a freshmen flurry, she left her dorm room a storm of wardrobe options and the reject heals, and although she had set out to look good (no-doubt-about-it,) I don’t think the goal was to meet her future husband. Maybe just get a few good pics to post on… Myspace… showcasing her brand new world that everyone should be jealous of. Maybe score a friend-date, meet someone with a respective major,... Read The Rest →

Jillian & Zach: Engaged


She was out there on a non-existent dance floor at a local bar that isn’t intended for dancing at all, getting after it like she does, with made up moves like “shooting the basketball” amidst an array of other anti-cool classics like the “lawnmower”. And he? Amongst all the socially concerned hipsters with raised eyebrows and frowning handlebar mustaches, he was the one that wasn’t too cool to join her. Nah. He was the one who challenged her to a dance off. And sure he wasn’t a total stranger; I... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Tiffany & Mike


He honestly couldn’t tell you what they talked about, or whether or not they shook hands (well, now that he thinks back, he’s almost sure they did, because he’s positive his hands were more than a little sweaty)… but he could tell you for certain that his heart was beating out of his chest on that long walk from the front of the office to Tiffany’s desk, and it surely didn’t slow down once he saw her. In fact, it was mere milliseconds away from leaping out of his chest into her hands. And gosh,... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Michelle & Matt


 Some questions hang in the balance of what feels like forever; for philosophers that question is often why, for historians it’s when, for adventurers it’s where, and for the romantics, the question is most likely who. Who will it be? We scribble last names that don’t belong to us next to our own names we imagine him or her calling down the stairs for, we lolly through prom dates in our teens and then start to dream a bit more seriously in our early twenties… taking a more sophisticated notice at the platter... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Priscilla & Matt


 We spend much of our time gazing ahead, don’t we? What’s for dinner tonight? What’s on the calendar for Friday after work? Who will be there? And if the one we’re interested isn’t going to be there, how can we get out of it? Or for a more mature audience: Where will we be living next year? How many kids will we have in ten? Whose birthday party is after church? And if that mom is there… how can we get out of it? DID I SAY THAT OUTLOUD. The... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Hillary & Matt


It is a fresh-faced purity, an inimitable innocence, the way a 15 year old girl perceives an expansive world untravelled & the love she aches to find in its folds. At fifteen, she’s not jaded, she’s not tired, she’s not doubtful. In many ways her eyes are like brand new glowy suns, lustrous and earnest–the most brilliant little love lamps ablaze, stars inexhaustible. Infinite and hopeful. At fifteen there is no space to settle. Because at fifteen, the search has just begun. And the view from that place is honest,... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Desiree & Justin in San Francisco


 Before him, she wondered. She wondered if she would ever experience those world famous butterflies, if she’d ever miss someone when she wasn’t with them. She wondered if there was anything true behind an entire genre of cutesy love songs, anything real behind those epically emotional crescendos in romantic dramas. Because, before him, she had never felt any of it. THAT kind of love was always something she politely observed from afar, just out of reach, sitting in creaky movie theatre seats and on city park benches. And as a... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Mark & Amber


Isn’t it strange how some of the most extravagant plans we’ve ever made have turned out to be total eye-roll-deserving days, and how some of the most fantastic moments we’ve ever found ourselves in have been the most unexpected? I love when good is so great and unpredictable that it will send you straight to the nearest bathroom for a too-serious look at yourself in the mirror, a “get-it-together-girl” “this is really happening” talk. I find it to be one of the most invigorating feelings of the entire human experience–... Read The Rest →

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