Lifestyle: Emilie Sandfeld


 Baby girl flew in from Colorado for some hometown glory. Taking urban alleys by storm with a playful charisma, gracing salt and sea with sights of joy, she is Emilie Sandfeld in Newport Beach, CALIFORNIA

An Encouragement on The Topic of Struggle

It is the struggle in life that often renders me powerless enough for long enough to make sincere space (in my otherwise egocentric mind) for God. I wish I could say that without toil I glorify God, that in all things good and perfect, say a lush garden or a sensitive moment, that my born instinct is to turn t0 God and be overwhelmed with thanksgiving. I wish it was my instinct to not feel good owed to me. To always recognize grace and beauty as a gift. To glorify... Read The Rest →

City Musings


I stopped and took notice:   That time of day when it’s still light out, still warm enough to go without a jacket, but one by one the cars on the opposite side of the road flicker their headlights on. Like fireflies coming at you. Like little candles being lit, a vigil for the anticipated night ahead. That time of day when the sun winks at window walled buildings, when the world sighs away the day’s misgivings, and makes a call to their dearest one– “Just got off, I’m on... Read The Rest →

Strength For A More Heroic Life


Last week, I started a book that has really wonky cover art. Like squeeze-cheese cheesy. I’d never ever read a book with this sort of cover, or any cover like it. In fact, I JUDGE BOOKS WITH COVERS LIKE THESE. Still do. Whatcha gonna do about it? It’s a picture of a pilgrimish looking girl with one long braid down her back, WITH A BOW AT THE END OF HER BRAID, reading the bible in a field. SEE WHAT I MEAN. And it’s not even a true photo. It’s a... Read The Rest →

The Girl Behind The Camera


Wello, hello hello!!! It’s been a coon’s age since I’ve written a personal post, but I’ve had such rad story-telling opportunities, that I’ve had way greater reason to talk about you guys. Or as the blog stats read, you girls. According to some collected data, 82.7% of the W.Darling readers are lady folk. No surprise there; even with as many trips to Home Depot I’ve made during our studio remodel, I’m still a 100% girl. Evidence? I HAMMERED A SCREW INTO THE WALL TO HANG A PICTURE, creating a startling... Read The Rest →

Mountain Tops


  At 10:00 am, we were in Huntington Beach wondering what Friday would bring us. The weather was salty and grey, an an entire tumultuous ocean seasoned before us. Still in our flannels, he asked me what I wanted to do on our day together. I shrugged, “I don’t care, babe.” Less than a minute later, I was following him around rattling off thoughts… “Palm Springs. Malibu. San Diego. LA. Big Bear. Staycation.” I guess I did care. I was hoping for a twelve hour adventure, a new scene to... Read The Rest →



It’s with mountain-top exclamation, shamelessly outdated dance moves, and squinty half-moon eyes that have disappeared behind the smile that has now TAKEN OVER my face, that I welcome you to the new home of Whitney Darling Photography. WHEW!!! (With hands clasped) I delight,”Isn’t she darling!” Four months in the making, floor to ceiling hand drawn and custom designed by the gals of Hoodzpah Art & Graphics, a brand spanking new landing-pad for the pixels and plotlines that I’ve been so fortunate to share. I am filled with disbelief– a sentiment... Read The Rest →



We’re living too                          fast. Let’s  slow     it                                                                                                                       down.

I Stopped To Care


I drove past the water. The world was painted pink. I stopped to care, finally. How much do I miss? Thinking about me. What am I missing? Thinking about me. I wonder how much divinity I do not see, inwardly focused for me. The world, lived backwards, all black and white, But my God has more to see. // Give me a mind for yours, Almighty. Give me a mind like yours. Turn my vision inside out. Help, I want to see.

Three Years Ago Today


Three years ago today, I took one last look in the mirror before leaving to meet him for the first time. I thought: this could be it. I buttoned up my white dress, put on my gold flats, and nervously smiled. This day was a long time coming. He had found my blog through one of my best friends who posted it on her Facebook page. It was the year I first started taking photography seriously, and so my photoshoots were scheduled few and far between. I was primarily using my... Read The Rest →

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