Lifestyle: Karleigh Briones


City Chic // City Chick.  Chasing bomb light, driving the wrong direction on one way streets, shruggin’ off cat calls, throwing up peace signs, and more mischief of the sort. This girl shamelessly killed it all day long. Her spirit shined through, and I loved all it brought light to. She is living art, easy on the eyes, good for the heart. Meet Karleigh Briones, Long Beach, CALIFORNIA.  

Lifestyle: The Sutherland Family


 The stuff romantics only dream of… The memories you’d sell everything for, just to recreate… To feel like this, this whole, just one more time. You’d swear That would be enough. But, a lifetime together instead. Dinner tonight. And breakfast tomorrow. And all over again. That’s what makes ‘em giddy, impossibly thankful, eternally rich. Newport Beach, California featuring The Sutherland Family          

Lifestyle: The Zeilfelder Family


  Because this is what it all comes down to. All that work, all your heart, all of that hope. It all boils down to these very moments. The ones that make you feel surreal, and connected, and humble. The moments in between the rest that force you to catch your breath, and memorize the scene around you. These ones will ask you to hold on tight. Because you can’t get ‘em back. You can find new ones, just as beautiful, buried somewhere in the future… but these are once... Read The Rest →

Lifestyle: Shaya Rees


  She’s a crawl in the hammock, melt in a daydream, follow that sunrise all the way to sunset kind of girl. She’d rather hop in the car and start driving without any plan rather than know where she’ll end up. All the places she could land… all the hopes of what she’d find… they lure her in and draw her out. She’s into detours and pitstops and perfect-stranger gazing, because she finds bits of herself in the undiscovered glimmering portions of color around her. She’s got a head-rush for... Read The Rest →

Lifestyle: Ryan & Erika Ferrari


In respect to an anniversary shoot with two people I respect and love so much: a written tribute to the riches of an entire lifetime together. “It only gets better from here, sweetheart.” I’m certainly NOT a marriage expert, in fact– only three years deep, but it’s what I’ve been told. And not from the eloquent, or overly-excited advice givers, but from the real deals… the ones I see thriving, the ones who stuck it out to see it true. I went to them and asked, “What’s better than the beginning? What’s... Read The Rest →



Introducing the B&W Beach Series: A tribute to the grandeur of motherhood, because you’ll want to remember every bit. <3 KELLY & SELAH JEAN This series is now featured on Grey Likes Baby, check out mama Kelly’s corresponding article HERE!

Lifestyle: Caleb Kimura


Buddy boy Caleb Kimura turned one!!! It feels like a few quick blinks ago, his mama, daddy, and I were photographing in fields of overgrown gold, and enjoying a proper evening on the boat docks (see it here). Honestly, where did the time go? It feels like a few quick blinks ago, his mama, daddy, and I were photographing in fields of overgrown gold, and enjoying a proper evening on the boat docks. Honestly, where did the time go? It went to half-awake nighttime feedings, half an eye open, realizing the... Read The Rest →

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