Santa Barbara Wedding: Ashley & Patrick Osak


This may be the quintessential DARLING wedding. They absolutely nailed everything that I am after: romance, nostalgia, modernism, elegance, coziness, and sincerity. Let me help you feel it before you see it: A lush resort wedding, and a destination wedding at that. Tropical foliage. Arches and palms and wooden beams. A cool morning in the resort, sunny afternoon in the city, and thundery sky after party. A string of borrowed diamonds, an escort of knockout bridesmaids, a white dress that made her feel like the bride she always imagined being,... Read The Rest →

Married: Desiree & Justin Dorfman


It was a greyish kind of morning, for the snuggly hearted, the most coveted kind–  evidences of a slow moving sunrise casually checking up on the landscapes every here and there, but mostly the silver sky kind-of-day rising before the waking world. We all know the sort, the kind that begs you to stay under a fluffy down just two-maybe-threeee more minutes, eyes breaking open only to flutter at the ceiling above; it was a morning that was relaxed and patient and moment savoring in nature. She woke to the... Read The Rest →

Married: Melissa & Billy Greig


Do you remember the last time you noticed something, something outside of yourself, that belongs so much so to the place that it is, that you physically feel… amazement. Like, you feel the boundaries of your own skin, and the beginnings of magic that extend- that unabashedly rush- beyond your own being? Sometimes, oftentimes, these simple treasures are overlooked. And I don’t know why we allow ourselves to grow accustomed to their existence, especially with how much pleasure they do bring us when paid attention to; but at other times,... Read The Rest →

Married: Matt & Hillary Reininga


I really could just sit here for a minute and reminisce about that golden chandelier swinging from the treetops above the spot they shared their first dance. I could gush about the WEST-ELM-ONLY-WISHHHHES retro mod house she got glammed-up in, and the unbelievable amount of COOL emanating from the overall location. People. The skylights, the cowhides, the secret bookcase door that led to a hidden lovenest…. the six or more airstreams situated about the ranch’s exterior, the fantastically remodeled red barn, and the outdoor leather couches draped in eclectic elegant... Read The Rest →

Newport Beach Wedding: Priscilla & Matt Frey


The day dripped in french glamour. Pale pinks and ivory whites and champagne gowns and dapper bow ties–  elegance that begets charm and charm that drove the night a distance from ordinary. In practicalities, it was a summer dusk in Newport Beach, but in feeling it was a ball fit for royals alone. An enchanting rendezvous that, in any other decade, the next morning’s papers would recap in tiny typed black and white, noting the bride’s batting eyes, flirty winks, and the groom’s knack for a good serenade. It would... Read The Rest →

Married: Mark & Amber Baldwin


  Electric pink bougainvilleas in absolute bloom, crawling towards the front door, like a banner of beauty extending to the day, like springtime came just for them. Light-splitting crystals like heavenly rain from the chandelier overhead, she sat under the sky of refracting diamonds, but none as precious as the one on her hand, the hand that rested on those dainty legs crossed. She tried her best to keep her lips from quivering, while the makeup artist painted them a shade of rose. My G0d– she looked breathtaking, a muse... Read The Rest →

Married: Stephen & Lauren Hagan


Laguna’s city streets flickered with joys of summertime. Shredded jean shorts, dripping ice cream cones, youthful shouts from one side of PCH to the other, burnt shoulders, rainbow striped umbrellas over dad’s shoulders, the scent of re-applied Banana Boat, stampedes of jolly vacationers and salty skin. With the ocean glittering an ombre of aqua, it was as if the coast was winking upon the land and people it contained. And at the heart of the town, towering between a stack of modern restaurants and vintage art galleries, I found a... Read The Rest →

Married: Val & Drew Van Herk


  My palms delicately glisten (profusely sweat) just hearing about it. Good luck not cringing, the story goes like this: Six inches. The size of half a subway sandwich. Her hands were only about half a subway sandwich away from his. So close she could feel a magnetic pull between the masses of their awkwardness. If science had its way, it would just require one swift (close your eyes, grit your teeth, pray he doesn’t swat your hand away)  lift of the arm to get her hand closer, or even better, into his. But... Read The Rest →

A Wedding Story: Matt & Kristen Hansen


They always wanted to get married. Like many high school sweethearts, always dreamt about it. Always talked about it. Always wondered aloud when the right time would be, when they’d finally feel “old enough, and “have it together enough.” But it wasn’t until the day after their seventh anniversary, during a routine lunch break at work, that the truth shimmied its way to the forefront of his thoughts. Or as he elegantly states, “I finally realized I’d always want to make a little more money, have a little more this, need... Read The Rest →

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