A Wedding Story: Ross & Amy Nelson


Their wedding was a country-chic harvest, the comfort of warm apple pie on a September night, the enchantment of that moon-glow-front-porch kiss you imagined a million times. The evening was covered with the charm of old-world hospitality and a thousand falling stars all at once. Easy on the eyes and healthy for the heart. We’d all attest to that– as caravans drove off the winery lot, cameras and purses strewn across the backseat, headlights leading us back to who and what waits for us at home. We returned with a confidence... Read The Rest →

A Wedding Story: Robin & Christina Amidon


Up in the Sequoias, where evergreens sprout between boulders and bright yellow flowers– in a nine bedroom lodge elegantly perched on the side of a small town lake, across the water from a white-birch forest, and under the crisp Autumn covering of an infinite mountain sky… Christina and Rob gripped hands (I died as he rubbed the tops of her hands with his thumbs), locked eyes (a steady entrancement as tears fell by the dozen)– their sincerity stealing the breath of every guest (promising a lifetime of faithful eyes and... Read The Rest →

A Wedding Story: Steve & Lindsay Lind


A love story for those who dare to be entranced by goodness, for the ones who seek the fragrance of marriage, the ones who still believe love is as splendid as ballroom dance, sweeping over a multitude of mistakes, eye to eye, now cheek to cheek, moving as a single body, now breath to breath, covering the grand floor of life, not looking down or beside, but fixed on the one who holds and moves and thrills them along. It’s for those I write: I have a story for you,... Read The Rest →

Married: Ryan & Erika Ferrari


  They lived their wedding day as if it was the culmination of every heartbeat, every breath, every wish they’d ever been given over to. With thousands of the happiest memories together providing magnificent momentum before them, they had finally arrived to the place that romantics vacation in midnight dreams. After all, it was what they had spent an entire youth searching for, hoping in, and waiting until. And with that very day rising, so did their spirits. It was a very visual rising, in fact. We were witnesses to... Read The Rest →

Married: Bernadette & Daniel Dennis


I’ve been HOT ON THE MOVE photographing baaayyyyoootiful weddings all throughout the great state of California– wide eyes and whole heart invested into every detail and vision before me. As of late, life has felt like a movie reel, birds swooping and soaring above, the ocean foam dancing all the way to my sand smothered toes, life drawing me into the deep– asking me to go further in than I’ve ever been brave enough to step. It’s been quite the summer, surrounded my budding love stories and earnest I-Do’s in... Read The Rest →

Married: Sarah & Chasen Marshall


 A few short blocks from the energy of commuter trains, just a breezy walk away from a charming Spanish town, cozily tucked away behind large wooden double doors, Chasen and Sarah clanked glasses, stole kisses, and shared dances honoring the choice to live as man and wife, fastened for today tomorrow and always. The grounds brought cheery guests to far away places, The Villa is a time-travel to charming corners from around the world; large rustic chandeliers, old wooden beamed ceilings, lush ivy walls, open sky porches, avocado trees, and... Read The Rest →

Married: Justin & Katelyn Franks


She sat cross legged in a swanky salon chair at the St. Regis Resort, cute little happy feet bouncing around every which way, a symptom of I-CANT-HIDE-IT excitement, shiny blonde locks set in curlers, and considering all adornment– she, strikingly unpretentious– warm and dear and a smile so wide that it left no secrets behind. SHE’S IN LOVE. Katelyn’s the inviting type “Come, I’ll share whatever happy I have with you” type, with the truest of friends chatty at her side, her beautiful mama in the chair directly to the... Read The Rest →

Married: Zach & Val Metz


 He and his man-tribe are finishing up school in the midwest. She and her lady-clan were born to, fed, and raised on California sunshine alone. A social conundrum it was. Their bridal party was very unacquainted, and awkwardness come time for celebrating was just so far from her wedding day vision. So far. And that’s why Val and Zach decided to extend their wedding day into a wedding weekend. So swaggy; I know. Bridey and groom rounded up their troops, and called for a camping extravaganza for the two nights... Read The Rest →

Married: Brett & Laura Butler


They married in California’s version of Central Park– the ever magical Descanso Gardens. Yes it was right there that their fairtytale continued, the afternoon of June eighth, in their own hideaway made of lovely thoughts and canopied trees– trees that seem to have danced their way off of the pages from a classic children’s novel. Trails to rose gardens, creeks of running water, sunshine warming their fortune below and birds singing songs only they know. Perfumed guests filling their white wooden seats, while the bride wiped the saltiest remnants of... Read The Rest →

Married: Travis & Lindsay Gosnell


  A cozy day in a modern mansion on the pacific coast, that is where they say they do, that is where they promised they will. Eleven years of anticipation, eleven yeeears of wondering what it’d feel like to introduce his high school sweetheart as his wife. Eleven years of dreaming where it’d be– how that white dress would lay against her skin– who would be there, what song they’d sway to while brushing nose against nose… it’d been along time wondering, and her mama was witness to that. Just... Read The Rest →

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