Married: Mark & Amber Baldwin


  Electric pink bougainvilleas in absolute bloom, crawling towards the front door, like a banner of beauty extending to the day, like springtime came just for them. Light-splitting crystals like heavenly rain from the chandelier overhead, she sat under the sky of refracting diamonds, but none as precious as the one on her hand, the hand that rested on those dainty legs crossed. She tried her best to keep her lips from quivering, while the makeup artist painted them a shade of rose. My G0d– she looked breathtaking, a muse... Read The Rest →

Married: Val & Drew Van Herk


  My palms delicately glisten (profusely sweat) just hearing about it. Good luck not cringing, the story goes like this: Six inches. The size of half a subway sandwich. Her hands were only about half a subway sandwich away from his. So close she could feel a magnetic pull between the masses of their awkwardness. If science had its way, it would just require one swift (close your eyes, grit your teeth, pray he doesn’t swat your hand away)  lift of the arm to get her hand closer, or even better, into his. But... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Desiree & Justin in San Francisco


 Before him, she wondered. She wondered if she would ever experience those world famous butterflies, if she’d ever miss someone when she wasn’t with them. She wondered if there was anything true behind an entire genre of cutesy love songs, anything real behind those epically emotional crescendos in romantic dramas. Because, before him, she had never felt any of it. THAT kind of love was always something she politely observed from afar, just out of reach, sitting in creaky movie theatre seats and on city park benches. And as a... Read The Rest →

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