Engaged: Meghan & Glenn


We took the town in the pouring rain. They kissed it out on street corners, and I followed their romance through artful Los Angeles alley ways. She hid under her leather jacket, and he pulled her in by the waist, keeping his girl warm in heart and body. Passersby stopped and smiled and out-loud admired, as if they were seeing something straight off the big screen. Yet these two defy script and fantasy– what you see is real, and the only thing predictable is their ending. It’s a whole-life fling,... Read The Rest →

Lifestyle: Lauren Scotti


She throws her head back a little when she laughs; As she bends to lend her head to her heart’s behalf. She’s light on her toes, quick and decided, anchored somewhere deep and true and quiet. In confidence rising she reaches, now lifting, the ones who care to join. Abounding in class, she stows her treasures not. A woman brimming with many gifts, but kept inside they’d all wrought. So what grows on the inside, through her fingertips we see spring. Art, at its finest, to the throne she will... Read The Rest →

Shauna Niequist & Mermaids


If you haven’t read any of Shauna Niequist’s books, you’ve got another thing comin’. I don’t know if that’s how the phrase is supposed to be used. I’ve been gently informed that I use certain phrases out of context, from time to time. HEY. IF THE SHOES FITS. Let me break it down for you. Read Shauna’s books. Cold Tangerines will make your days feel gold, glittery and delicious. Bittersweet will make you feel stirred, sentimental, and strong. Speaking of happy feelings… Remember the Mermaid exhibit? Today, Shauna is featuring the original... Read The Rest →

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