Engaged: Michelle & Matt


 Some questions hang in the balance of what feels like forever; for philosophers that question is often why, for historians it’s when, for adventurers it’s where, and for the romantics, the question is most likely who. Who will it be? We scribble last names that don’t belong to us next to our own names we imagine him or her calling down the stairs for, we lolly through prom dates in our teens and then start to dream a bit more seriously in our early twenties… taking a more sophisticated notice at the platter... Read The Rest →

Lifestyle: The Hagan Family


 It’s not an unusual thing to find a midday text from one another with ambitious plans re: running away from work, rendezvousing at home, and hanging out with baby Connor instead. Because for the Hagan tribe, Baby Connor + Family Time > All Else, EVER. No one could blame their runaway-from-all-other-responsibility dreams and schemes. Connor is 9 months of purebred cute shaped into a pair of edible cheeks and electric blue eyes. He’s what’s turned the greatest romance they’ve ever found into a family of their own. He’s the breathing,... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Kristen & Matt


  It was the June after her senior year. Freshly graduated. Sweet freedom for as long as her pretty eyes could see. The month of warm summer evenings, cricket songs sung through screen windows, and sleepovers galore. In fact, that’s exactly what she was up to, the night she first spoke to that sophomore cutie, Matt Hansen. She laughs about it now… “The details are becoming hard to remember! Can you believe that was already nine years ago?!” Nine years ago. What were you doing nine years ago? Who were... Read The Rest →

Lifestyle: The White Family


Their eyes never left her. They tracked each step, always inches behind, with concern visible on their face, she’ll probably fall, but somehow assured that falling is okay… and even expected, every few steps. Little Ellie wobbled about, one foot forward… and then the next, glancing up at her parents with a look that says, “AREN’T YOU PROUD!?” When they missed an opportunity to cheer, she made up for them, clapping for herself every few steps, eyes filled with such wonder, a heart filled with the need to explore… and... Read The Rest →

Senior Session: Alexis Lascala


Oh, just NINE posts to blog… not to mention I’m going out of town for 10 days this Friday. I’d say it’s time to crank some Darlings out of the system. A sweet coastal mini session for Monday! Happy senior year, beautiful Alexis Lascala. * I remember what I was up to senior year. How about you? I’ll always remember sneaking out of my window, getting caught by my mom, and telling her I was on the roof because “I was praying… and I wanted to be closer to God.”... Read The Rest →

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