Engaged: Priscilla & Matt


 We spend much of our time gazing ahead, don’t we? What’s for dinner tonight? What’s on the calendar for Friday after work? Who will be there? And if the one we’re interested isn’t going to be there, how can we get out of it? Or for a more mature audience: Where will we be living next year? How many kids will we have in ten? Whose birthday party is after church? And if that mom is there… how can we get out of it? DID I SAY THAT OUTLOUD. The... Read The Rest →

City Musings


I stopped and took notice:   That time of day when it’s still light out, still warm enough to go without a jacket, but one by one the cars on the opposite side of the road flicker their headlights on. Like fireflies coming at you. Like little candles being lit, a vigil for the anticipated night ahead. That time of day when the sun winks at window walled buildings, when the world sighs away the day’s misgivings, and makes a call to their dearest one– “Just got off, I’m on... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Lindsay & Steve


Their love nest is cozily perched in a city where millions have left their heart– San Francisco, a city snuggled by coastal fog, eclectic architecture, and rousing personalities. Amidst rows of rectangular homes, they’ve found their own little hideaway for two, with big bay windows welcoming crisp air and shadowy cityscapes– welcoming the calm of life knowing you’ve found your person, the calm of knowing you’ll search no further. It was in a little bar in that big city where their hearts unexpectedly collided; she was certainly not looking for love,... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Michelle & Kelly


The first scene of their love story set the trajectory of their romance. It was silly-perfect. And soon you will agree that so are they. Prepare yourselves, people. You will be sickened by the sweetness of togetherness It will make you want to roll your eyes and maybe retell it at a dinner party, pretending it’s your own. COME ON. You know you’ve stollen someone else’s story at least once. Michelle had recently moved into a new place, and at this said new place was a mixed-gender midweek bible study.... Read The Rest →

Portland- Day One

And so it goes… We woke up at 4:00 am, for a flight out of SNA at 6:45. My sweet mother chauffeured us to the airport, while I sipped coffee and whimpered for all the people already on the road in route to work, at such a wretched hour. I don’t see 4am very often, and although it could have been the fog still looming in my mind from a partial night’s sleep, the world looked serene before dawn. Calm, dreamy, less glamorous, but maybe more beautiful– much like a... Read The Rest →

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