Engaged: Desiree & Justin in San Francisco


 Before him, she wondered. She wondered if she would ever experience those world famous butterflies, if she’d ever miss someone when she wasn’t with them. She wondered if there was anything true behind an entire genre of cutesy love songs, anything real behind those epically emotional crescendos in romantic dramas. Because, before him, she had never felt any of it. THAT kind of love was always something she politely observed from afar, just out of reach, sitting in creaky movie theatre seats and on city park benches. And as a... Read The Rest →

Lifestyle: Clarissa Arellano


  Stormy eyes. Summer skin. Life in her bones. Sunshine sprouting from a wild heart. Plus the city strut of a bonafide diva. She’s seventeen, and it’s safe to say she’s got the whole thing goin’ ON. It was just a few weeks ago that we played the streets of metropolitan San Diego, her in heals and wind tossed hair– my camera working overtime to capture every last glance and dancing glimmer from her eyes. I couldn’t bare to let one moment loose. In fact, her photo stream resembles more... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Lindsay & Steve


Their love nest is cozily perched in a city where millions have left their heart– San Francisco, a city snuggled by coastal fog, eclectic architecture, and rousing personalities. Amidst rows of rectangular homes, they’ve found their own little hideaway for two, with big bay windows welcoming crisp air and shadowy cityscapes– welcoming the calm of life knowing you’ve found your person, the calm of knowing you’ll search no further. It was in a little bar in that big city where their hearts unexpectedly collided; she was certainly not looking for love,... Read The Rest →

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