Santa Barbara Wedding: Ashley & Patrick Osak


This may be the quintessential DARLING wedding. They absolutely nailed everything that I am after: romance, nostalgia, modernism, elegance, coziness, and sincerity. Let me help you feel it before you see it: A lush resort wedding, and a destination wedding at that. Tropical foliage. Arches and palms and wooden beams. A cool morning in the resort, sunny afternoon in the city, and thundery sky after party. A string of borrowed diamonds, an escort of knockout bridesmaids, a white dress that made her feel like the bride she always imagined being,... Read The Rest →

Married: Desiree & Justin Dorfman


It was a greyish kind of morning, for the snuggly hearted, the most coveted kind–  evidences of a slow moving sunrise casually checking up on the landscapes every here and there, but mostly the silver sky kind-of-day rising before the waking world. We all know the sort, the kind that begs you to stay under a fluffy down just two-maybe-threeee more minutes, eyes breaking open only to flutter at the ceiling above; it was a morning that was relaxed and patient and moment savoring in nature. She woke to the... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Tiffany & Mike


He honestly couldn’t tell you what they talked about, or whether or not they shook hands (well, now that he thinks back, he’s almost sure they did, because he’s positive his hands were more than a little sweaty)… but he could tell you for certain that his heart was beating out of his chest on that long walk from the front of the office to Tiffany’s desk, and it surely didn’t slow down once he saw her. In fact, it was mere milliseconds away from leaping out of his chest into her hands. And gosh,... Read The Rest →

A Wedding Story: Robin & Christina Amidon


Up in the Sequoias, where evergreens sprout between boulders and bright yellow flowers– in a nine bedroom lodge elegantly perched on the side of a small town lake, across the water from a white-birch forest, and under the crisp Autumn covering of an infinite mountain sky… Christina and Rob gripped hands (I died as he rubbed the tops of her hands with his thumbs), locked eyes (a steady entrancement as tears fell by the dozen)– their sincerity stealing the breath of every guest (promising a lifetime of faithful eyes and... Read The Rest →

Married: Jamie & David Gaylord


The history of love goes a little like this: first sight. first impression. first apprehension, first kiss. stumbling through the streets, all drunk on love– hand in hand, thought by thought, wandering the roads of each other’s past, making sense of who stands in the present, and how standing next to that person would translate into the future. late night conversations, questions, confessions, and laughing– lots of nervous laughing. nothing to say, but not wanting to hang up. i wish you were here. a perfect night out. a date gone wrong. then some... Read The Rest →

Married: Karli & Josh Schultz


“Someone once told me that if I stayed as picky as I was, I would be alone forever. I’m so happy I didn’t take that advice. Josh, you are perfect.” Happy tears puddled in the corner of her eyes; it wasn’t until she bashfully looked to her toes that they poured down her face. You could see the sincerity of her statement sinking into Josh’s heart. She meant it, and he felt it. Karli made her burly handsome cop husband cry in front of their closest friends. Correct me if... Read The Rest →

Married: Briana & Ryan Culberson


Dressed in pressed white pants, a multi-medaled coat, and shoes so shiny that they could dually function as his shaving mirror, Ryan stood at the altar, again. Beguiled by his already bride, he watched her make long decisive strides down the aisle, but this time his lady not just in love, but also in lace. I’d bet all my gold his heart grew in width since the last time he recited those vows, just months ago when he married her the first time. The wedding scene had certainly changed since... Read The Rest →

Married: Mr. & Mrs. Campbell


I’ve never seen a wedding as intimate, as sincere, as this one. Nicole and Kevin packed the ultimate vacation necessities: toothbrushes, fresh underwear, cell phone chargers, and of course, the wedding dress. Together, they traveled as far west as the I-10 could take them, through the golden dessert to a much cooler, much breezier climate. At the end of their drive, over the sound of breaking waves, they had plans to make a series of promises beginning with I Will, and I Do. Such simple, but such powerful words. On September... Read The Rest →

Destination Wedding: Mr. & Mrs. Waibl


As a newlywed, I feel inclined to give my 5-month earned marriage advice to the newlier-weds. I don’t know why I feel like I need to share anything. The best reason I have is, “Because I worked hard to ALMOST understand it.” And I feel like I’m a bad friend or something when I don’t offer up whatever I’ve “figured out”, that is, if it could potentially make someone else’s life a little more simple. Obviously a sign of immaturity, I now reflect, because the wisest women in my book... Read The Rest →

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