Married: Val & Drew Van Herk


  My palms delicately glisten (profusely sweat) just hearing about it. Good luck not cringing, the story goes like this: Six inches. The size of half a subway sandwich. Her hands were only about half a subway sandwich away from his. So close she could feel a magnetic pull between the masses of their awkwardness. If science had its way, it would just require one swift (close your eyes, grit your teeth, pray he doesn’t swat your hand away)  lift of the arm to get her hand closer, or even better, into his. But... Read The Rest →

Married: Ryan & Erika Ferrari


  They lived their wedding day as if it was the culmination of every heartbeat, every breath, every wish they’d ever been given over to. With thousands of the happiest memories together providing magnificent momentum before them, they had finally arrived to the place that romantics vacation in midnight dreams. After all, it was what they had spent an entire youth searching for, hoping in, and waiting until. And with that very day rising, so did their spirits. It was a very visual rising, in fact. We were witnesses to... Read The Rest →

Married: Courtney & Andrew Olson


  Long tables ornamented with recycled glass, burlap runners, and wildflowers galore. Little globe shaped lights hanging like starry weather above a backyard full of happy people. A food truck with grub so good (veggie burgers topped with local sunflower sprouts, beat sauce, and smoked gouda! get in mah bellay!) that it turned me into a food snob. I’m pretty sure we’re all on strike against the old chicken and rice song from here on out. Girls in summer dresses, a wise woman in a floppy sunhat, some men in... Read The Rest →

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