Engaged: Meghan & Glenn


We took the town in the pouring rain. They kissed it out on street corners, and I followed their romance through artful Los Angeles alley ways. She hid under her leather jacket, and he pulled her in by the waist, keeping his girl warm in heart and body. Passersby stopped and smiled and out-loud admired, as if they were seeing something straight off the big screen. Yet these two defy script and fantasy– what you see is real, and the only thing predictable is their ending. It’s a whole-life fling,... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Lindsay & Steve


Their love nest is cozily perched in a city where millions have left their heart– San Francisco, a city snuggled by coastal fog, eclectic architecture, and rousing personalities. Amidst rows of rectangular homes, they’ve found their own little hideaway for two, with big bay windows welcoming crisp air and shadowy cityscapes– welcoming the calm of life knowing you’ve found your person, the calm of knowing you’ll search no further. It was in a little bar in that big city where their hearts unexpectedly collided; she was certainly not looking for love,... Read The Rest →

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