Santa Barbara Wedding: Ashley & Patrick Osak


This may be the quintessential DARLING wedding. They absolutely nailed everything that I am after: romance, nostalgia, modernism, elegance, coziness, and sincerity. Let me help you feel it before you see it: A lush resort wedding, and a destination wedding at that. Tropical foliage. Arches and palms and wooden beams. A cool morning in the resort, sunny afternoon in the city, and thundery sky after party. A string of borrowed diamonds, an escort of knockout bridesmaids, a white dress that made her feel like the bride she always imagined being,... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Tyler & Elizabeth


They were just friends, she said. Justttt not into her, he said. OH THE LIESSSS. And the pretense? Friends with solid flirt-perks. Just soccer team c0-captains. Just alma-mater sharers. Just study partners. Just someone to clank glasses with (oh, every) Friday night. She’d host elaborate dinner parties serving handmade pumpkin ravioli because she’s real fancy like that, and he not only gladly joined her hey look at the marriage material I am showcasing, but he somehow ended up joining the conversations Elizabeth was a part of… even when she was seated... Read The Rest →

A Wedding Story: Matt & Kristen Hansen


They always wanted to get married. Like many high school sweethearts, always dreamt about it. Always talked about it. Always wondered aloud when the right time would be, when they’d finally feel “old enough, and “have it together enough.” But it wasn’t until the day after their seventh anniversary, during a routine lunch break at work, that the truth shimmied its way to the forefront of his thoughts. Or as he elegantly states, “I finally realized I’d always want to make a little more money, have a little more this, need... Read The Rest →

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