Married: Matt & Hillary Reininga


I really could just sit here for a minute and reminisce about that golden chandelier swinging from the treetops above the spot they shared their first dance. I could gush about the WEST-ELM-ONLY-WISHHHHES retro mod house she got glammed-up in, and the unbelievable amount of COOL emanating from the overall location. People. The skylights, the cowhides, the secret bookcase door that led to a hidden lovenest…. the six or more airstreams situated about the ranch’s exterior, the fantastically remodeled red barn, and the outdoor leather couches draped in eclectic elegant... Read The Rest →

Married: Val & Drew Van Herk


  My palms delicately glisten (profusely sweat) just hearing about it. Good luck not cringing, the story goes like this: Six inches. The size of half a subway sandwich. Her hands were only about half a subway sandwich away from his. So close she could feel a magnetic pull between the masses of their awkwardness. If science had its way, it would just require one swift (close your eyes, grit your teeth, pray he doesn’t swat your hand away)  lift of the arm to get her hand closer, or even better, into his. But... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Hillary & Matt


It is a fresh-faced purity, an inimitable innocence, the way a 15 year old girl perceives an expansive world untravelled & the love she aches to find in its folds. At fifteen, she’s not jaded, she’s not tired, she’s not doubtful. In many ways her eyes are like brand new glowy suns, lustrous and earnest–the most brilliant little love lamps ablaze, stars inexhaustible. Infinite and hopeful. At fifteen there is no space to settle. Because at fifteen, the search has just begun. And the view from that place is honest,... Read The Rest →

Married: Travis & Lindsay Gosnell


  A cozy day in a modern mansion on the pacific coast, that is where they say they do, that is where they promised they will. Eleven years of anticipation, eleven yeeears of wondering what it’d feel like to introduce his high school sweetheart as his wife. Eleven years of dreaming where it’d be– how that white dress would lay against her skin– who would be there, what song they’d sway to while brushing nose against nose… it’d been along time wondering, and her mama was witness to that. Just... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Kristen & Matt


  It was the June after her senior year. Freshly graduated. Sweet freedom for as long as her pretty eyes could see. The month of warm summer evenings, cricket songs sung through screen windows, and sleepovers galore. In fact, that’s exactly what she was up to, the night she first spoke to that sophomore cutie, Matt Hansen. She laughs about it now… “The details are becoming hard to remember! Can you believe that was already nine years ago?!” Nine years ago. What were you doing nine years ago? Who were... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Lindsay & Travis


 They met at the first high school party she ever went to; she was still flirty fifteen, he was cool and sixteen, and while getting ready for that party that night the expectations they had wouldn’t hold a candle to what they left with. A crush. And then more. A crush that would turn into her getting his phone number from a friend, that would turn into a hold your breath and dial phone call, that would turn into nervous hand holding, that would turn into a first kiss (6 months later!) on... Read The Rest →

Two Frames: Jordan & Landon Maslyn


“Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being “in love” which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and an accident. Your Mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree, not two.”... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Laura & Brett


Senior prom was sneaking up on their final year of high school together, and finally, FINALLY, they were both single at the same time. It had been four years of untimely crushing buffered by friendship, and let’s just all stop and acknowledge that a diagnosis of the Secret Hots for a friend in high school is no small thing. It’s a dangerous, volatile ailment, that sometimes results in making out at prom. Best case scenario. And that was the exact scnario that Laura had wound up in her head. “I... Read The Rest →

Married: Rebekah & Curtis Johnson


Two summers ago, he moved across the country to be with her. Curtis crossed three thousand and sixteen miles, to be exact. I know because I used a measuring tape, and then after I got my final number, and wrote it down, I Google Map-ped it, confirmed that I was right. You see, miles and mountains and unmade memories between them wasn’t any way to show a girl you love her. And boy oh boy, he loved her, for sure– so like a real man, a man who pursues the... Read The Rest →

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