Married: Val & Drew Van Herk


  My palms delicately glisten (profusely sweat) just hearing about it. Good luck not cringing, the story goes like this: Six inches. The size of half a subway sandwich. Her hands were only about half a subway sandwich away from his. So close she could feel a magnetic pull between the masses of their awkwardness. If science had its way, it would just require one swift (close your eyes, grit your teeth, pray he doesn’t swat your hand away)  lift of the arm to get her hand closer, or even better, into his. But... Read The Rest →

A Case For Sundays


I remember a time when I dreaded Sundays. They meant waking up early for church, an afternoon of faaamily things, and even worse, that Monday was mere hours away. But for all the same reasons listed above, ironically enough, Sunday is now my favorite day of the week. I LOVE waking up early to start the morning with some of my favorite people in the world- the church, the people who wrestle through pain alongside me, the same people who celebrate the victories along the way. I LOVE standing shoulder... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Brianna & Steven


We dream together. I dream of barns filled with flickering candles, the lingering scent of sandalwood, big white down comforters, and crickets competing with the sound of Norah Jones. I dream of a life without agenda– of waking up in the morning to farm fresh eggs and a heavy loaf of homemade multigrain bread. I dream of purple wildflowers and having the time it takes to string them into a crown. My husband dreams of having space to read Melville. He dreams of having the time it takes to write the book... Read The Rest →

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