A Wedding Story: Matt & Kristen Hansen


They always wanted to get married. Like many high school sweethearts, always dreamt about it. Always talked about it. Always wondered aloud when the right time would be, when they’d finally feel “old enough, and “have it together enough.” But it wasn’t until the day after their seventh anniversary, during a routine lunch break at work, that the truth shimmied its way to the forefront of his thoughts. Or as he elegantly states, “I finally realized I’d always want to make a little more money, have a little more this, need... Read The Rest →

Married: Mr. & Mrs. Mang-Deich


I have this thing with details. When it comes to my own life, I can’t remember a thing, or where it is. But when it comes to other people’s stories, I have a strange proclivity to hold onto the slimmest, most insignificant of mentionings. I remember what people say. What they looked like when they said it. And how big of a breath they took after it was said. Was it a casual catching of breath in between words? Or was it a sigh? Because a sigh changes the context.... Read The Rest →

Married: Mr. & Mrs. Gums


For a few months, perhaps their greatest months yet, they were without the noise. Luke and Katie packed their bags and waved away American culture, earnestly trading it for something more simple, more serene, more them. After nearly four years of dating, they decided to journey across the globe to a sweet nook in Ireland, the ever-charming Salthill Promenade. Their cozy coastal apartment was nothing like the places they had called home before. Without static from the radio, far from the bad news on the tube, and with limited access... Read The Rest →

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