Married: Mark & Amber Baldwin


  Electric pink bougainvilleas in absolute bloom, crawling towards the front door, like a banner of beauty extending to the day, like springtime came just for them. Light-splitting crystals like heavenly rain from the chandelier overhead, she sat under the sky of refracting diamonds, but none as precious as the one on her hand, the hand that rested on those dainty legs crossed. She tried her best to keep her lips from quivering, while the makeup artist painted them a shade of rose. My G0d– she looked breathtaking, a muse... Read The Rest →

& Jason">Expecting: Shannon & Jason


I’m sitting in my office, ahem, Starbucks, wearing those massive headphones that singers-in-the-studio slash thugs-on-the-bus wear. Oh, but I’m not listening to any music. I’m just trying to look really ambitious. And unswervingly focused. Reality: I’ve been eavesdropping on a young mom and her son pump each other up, while they trade off attempts at beating “the freakiest level so far” on his Nintendo DS2. I kind of want to ask if I can have a turn, but I’m really trying to not get a restraining order placed on me... Read The Rest →

& Mike are Engaged!">Courtney & Mike are Engaged!


It was Valentine’s Day. Courtney, Mike, and I were on our way to Laguna Beach to shoot their e-session at this private beach we had in mind. We had it all worked out. The place. The lighting. The mood. It was ours. Almost. If you live in Southern California, and have a brain, you know that Laguna Beach is going to be slammed with lovers on their way to the Charthouse, to the White House, or to whatever-else house that serves steak, lobster, and cocktails. Unfortunately, I only had Courtney and... Read The Rest →

Finical Family Portraits


The Finical family– if someone were to ask me what they are like, I’d start by saying, “They’re the inviting type. The type that makes you feel like family within minutes of conversation, the type that knows no strangers, only friends they haven’t met yet.” Carson and Laura are warm, and their geniality is a trait their children have taken upon themselves to not merely inherit, but radiate within the world. Jessica and Chris are old friends of mine who are now pursuing their education at Arizona State University. Jess... Read The Rest →



Anna and I played basketball together in high school. YES, all 5’3″ of me made the basketball team. Shush! Anyways, Kamee June asked me to join her in the greatest photography adventure I’ve been a part of in a while. To spend some time with some amorous newlyweds, Anna and her hunk. It was an incredible shoot. My two favorite things, combined into one fabulous vision, OH-YES-PLEASE.  Wedding photography + organized chaos = Hi, I’m there. Anna and Ben were married last January. They flew home to their coastal abodes from... Read The Rest →

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