Engaged: Meghan & Glenn


We took the town in the pouring rain. They kissed it out on street corners, and I followed their romance through artful Los Angeles alley ways. She hid under her leather jacket, and he pulled her in by the waist, keeping his girl warm in heart and body. Passersby stopped and smiled and out-loud admired, as if they were seeing something straight off the big screen. Yet these two defy script and fantasy– what you see is real, and the only thing predictable is their ending. It’s a whole-life fling,... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Melissa & Billy


She had given it just the right amount of thought, considered her feelings and where they came from, and finally decided the crush building within her would erupt on it’s own if she didn’t handle it soon. So, she gathered up all the quadrillion spastic butterflies in her heart, the ones that make you smother your own squeals with your pillow as you lay in bed thinking of him at night, the same evil butterflies that cause your mouth to feel like ALL OF THE SALIVA is forever gone, the... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Priscilla & Matt


 We spend much of our time gazing ahead, don’t we? What’s for dinner tonight? What’s on the calendar for Friday after work? Who will be there? And if the one we’re interested isn’t going to be there, how can we get out of it? Or for a more mature audience: Where will we be living next year? How many kids will we have in ten? Whose birthday party is after church? And if that mom is there… how can we get out of it? DID I SAY THAT OUTLOUD. The... Read The Rest →

Married: Haylin & Nick Martin


The scent of freshly sharpened pencils and cashmere cardigans hovered over the campus like a halo; it was Fall in Provo, after-all. Haylin’s California summer ended abruptly, as all school breaks do. It was back to Utah for her to study, study, study (and, ahem, date-date-mary). She was still settling into the swing of things, you know, decorating the new pad with a mixture of new and old, adjusting her eyes to the surplus of good looking single guys, etc. On the way to the her apartment from the car,... Read The Rest →

One Single Accord


That good sisterly loving. The stuff Hollywood sells to The Naive like me. I’m sisterless, and am completely ignorant of the proclaimed kinship between two women, of the same blood, of a common soul. The movies made me want that sister stuff: the shared wardrobe, the sworn secrets, the shopping partner, the bed to crawl in when boys are being mean, the nail polish parties, sleepovers every night sort of sisterhood. My friends made me thank the good Lord I didn’t have a sister. They warned of hair-pulling, hole-in-clothing putting,... Read The Rest →

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