Engaged: Ashley & Patrick


It was her first weekend of college in Boulder, and better yet, her first real college party. I’m sure, in a freshmen flurry, she left her dorm room a storm of wardrobe options and the reject heals, and although she had set out to look good (no-doubt-about-it,) I don’t think the goal was to meet her future husband. Maybe just get a few good pics to post on… Myspace… showcasing her brand new world that everyone should be jealous of. Maybe score a friend-date, meet someone with a respective major,... Read The Rest →

Newport Beach Wedding: Priscilla & Matt Frey


The day dripped in french glamour. Pale pinks and ivory whites and champagne gowns and dapper bow ties–  elegance that begets charm and charm that drove the night a distance from ordinary. In practicalities, it was a summer dusk in Newport Beach, but in feeling it was a ball fit for royals alone. An enchanting rendezvous that, in any other decade, the next morning’s papers would recap in tiny typed black and white, noting the bride’s batting eyes, flirty winks, and the groom’s knack for a good serenade. It would... Read The Rest →

Lifestyle: Caleb Kimura


Buddy boy Caleb Kimura turned one!!! It feels like a few quick blinks ago, his mama, daddy, and I were photographing in fields of overgrown gold, and enjoying a proper evening on the boat docks (see it here). Honestly, where did the time go? It feels like a few quick blinks ago, his mama, daddy, and I were photographing in fields of overgrown gold, and enjoying a proper evening on the boat docks. Honestly, where did the time go? It went to half-awake nighttime feedings, half an eye open, realizing the... Read The Rest →

Jillian & Zach: Engaged


She was out there on a non-existent dance floor at a local bar that isn’t intended for dancing at all, getting after it like she does, with made up moves like “shooting the basketball” amidst an array of other anti-cool classics like the “lawnmower”. And he? Amongst all the socially concerned hipsters with raised eyebrows and frowning handlebar mustaches, he was the one that wasn’t too cool to join her. Nah. He was the one who challenged her to a dance off. And sure he wasn’t a total stranger; I... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Tiffany & Mike


He honestly couldn’t tell you what they talked about, or whether or not they shook hands (well, now that he thinks back, he’s almost sure they did, because he’s positive his hands were more than a little sweaty)… but he could tell you for certain that his heart was beating out of his chest on that long walk from the front of the office to Tiffany’s desk, and it surely didn’t slow down once he saw her. In fact, it was mere milliseconds away from leaping out of his chest into her hands. And gosh,... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Michelle & Matt


 Some questions hang in the balance of what feels like forever; for philosophers that question is often why, for historians it’s when, for adventurers it’s where, and for the romantics, the question is most likely who. Who will it be? We scribble last names that don’t belong to us next to our own names we imagine him or her calling down the stairs for, we lolly through prom dates in our teens and then start to dream a bit more seriously in our early twenties… taking a more sophisticated notice at the platter... Read The Rest →

Lifestyle: Shelby McMichael


Thoughts on time with you, an ode to your being: Shelby Darling! As far as light reaches into the dark, you stretch, you extend, you consume. Have you ever witnessed sunlight grab for shaded places? It’s a powerful thing to see, the hands of the sun break darkness into a million insignificant fragments. Like the slit of shine between the floor and door in a pitch black room, that is who you are; and you’re not only noticed, but eyes can’t help but be drawn back to you, again and then... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Kristen & Matt


  It was the June after her senior year. Freshly graduated. Sweet freedom for as long as her pretty eyes could see. The month of warm summer evenings, cricket songs sung through screen windows, and sleepovers galore. In fact, that’s exactly what she was up to, the night she first spoke to that sophomore cutie, Matt Hansen. She laughs about it now… “The details are becoming hard to remember! Can you believe that was already nine years ago?!” Nine years ago. What were you doing nine years ago? Who were... Read The Rest →

MARRY ME: Tara & Ryan


It was her most favorite-est night of the year, Christmas Eve. Little white twinkling lights were strung, the buzzing world felt electric, their stockings were snug side by side, and she? She had to work. As she slaved away into the early evening, he snazzied up, complete with one extra spritz of Burberry Touch, preparing for a romantic jolly holiday dinner that she would be welcomed home to. He and his family gathered in the home he grew up in to feast and toast together, in anticipation of the night’s merriment.... Read The Rest →

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