Married: Melissa & Billy Greig


Do you remember the last time you noticed something, something outside of yourself, that belongs so much so to the place that it is, that you physically feel… amazement. Like, you feel the boundaries of your own skin, and the beginnings of magic that extend- that unabashedly rush- beyond your own being? Sometimes, oftentimes, these simple treasures are overlooked. And I don’t know why we allow ourselves to grow accustomed to their existence, especially with how much pleasure they do bring us when paid attention to; but at other times,... Read The Rest →

Married: Bernadette & Daniel Dennis


I’ve been HOT ON THE MOVE photographing baaayyyyoootiful weddings all throughout the great state of California– wide eyes and whole heart invested into every detail and vision before me. As of late, life has felt like a movie reel, birds swooping and soaring above, the ocean foam dancing all the way to my sand smothered toes, life drawing me into the deep– asking me to go further in than I’ve ever been brave enough to step. It’s been quite the summer, surrounded my budding love stories and earnest I-Do’s in... Read The Rest →

Married: Brianna & Steven Jackson


With her hair sprawled all over her pillow, cuddled under the cozy covers, Brianna dreamt the whole wedding.  She vividly remembers standing in front of a mirror, admiring herself dressed in ivory vintage lace. Not only was she a bride, but a beautiful country bride, with long dark hair, and feet planted into brown leather boots. After one last look over, she took a final deep breath.  Yes, now she was ready.  Brianna saddled her horse and elegantly rode into town, to meet her father who proudly waited for her.... Read The Rest →

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