A Wedding Story: Matt & Kristen Hansen


They always wanted to get married. Like many high school sweethearts, always dreamt about it. Always talked about it. Always wondered aloud when the right time would be, when they’d finally feel “old enough, and “have it together enough.” But it wasn’t until the day after their seventh anniversary, during a routine lunch break at work, that the truth shimmied its way to the forefront of his thoughts. Or as he elegantly states, “I finally realized I’d always want to make a little more money, have a little more this, need... Read The Rest →

Married: Maggie & Reid Sund


The first time he laid eyes on her was they day they spent moving into a Young Life camp, as interns for the summer. UGH, WHY DOES EVERY SINGLE COUPLE I PHOTOGRAPH HAVE TO HAVE THE COOLEST “HOW-WE-MET-STORIES”?! Seriously. A CRUSH-CAMP LOVE STORY?! Enough said. My sappy little heart can handle no more… And by that I mean… tell me more. They were interns, decked out in name badges and all, still two perfect strangers, with a single heart for youth. They were sold out to their respective responsibilities during... Read The Rest →

Married: Kristin & Levi Bagdanov


I can still remember the scent of the hay fields, and how it wafted heavenwards with each step we forged into the landscape. Levi held the back of his bride’s backless dress as she swooshed through the sun-bleached earth. Her carmel locks bounced at her back, while little fly-aways were busy playing in the breeze, a sweet breeze that kept our status sun-kissed instead of sun-stroke. We were smack dab in the middle of a low lying valley. The Earth seemingly crawled from below our toes into rural formations around... Read The Rest →

Married: Analee & Jared Nichols


 Just try and remember all of the life-stages you’ve gone through. I dare ya. Even in your still young-ish age, I am sure many trends and attitudes you’ve once confidently sported are long gone and almost completely forgotten. That is, until you’re tagged in a picture from 1998, by that one friend who never lets you completely heal from those God-forbidden Rocket Dog platforms. I think we get to a stage, probably at every age, where we think we’ve finally figured out who we are. We think to ourselves, “Yes,... Read The Rest →

Sneak Peek: Analee & Jared Nichols


Just look at those faces. Really. Look twice. Study her smile. And the lines stretching from the corners of his eyes. The emotions are expansive. One could only imagine the million blissful feelings exploding from their souls. How can you absorb that sort of love, and you, maybe totally disconnected from the couple, not stop and smile? And wonder about all of the many coincidences that must have went down for such chemistry to stand a chance. How? And why? True love defies science and its every logical explanation. Life,... Read The Rest →

Married: Mr. & Mrs. Campbell


I’ve never seen a wedding as intimate, as sincere, as this one. Nicole and Kevin packed the ultimate vacation necessities: toothbrushes, fresh underwear, cell phone chargers, and of course, the wedding dress. Together, they traveled as far west as the I-10 could take them, through the golden dessert to a much cooler, much breezier climate. At the end of their drive, over the sound of breaking waves, they had plans to make a series of promises beginning with I Will, and I Do. Such simple, but such powerful words. On September... Read The Rest →

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