Engaged: Tyler & Elizabeth


They were just friends, she said. Justttt not into her, he said. OH THE LIESSSS. And the pretense? Friends with solid flirt-perks. Just soccer team c0-captains. Just alma-mater sharers. Just study partners. Just someone to clank glasses with (oh, every) Friday night. She’d host elaborate dinner parties serving handmade pumpkin ravioli because she’s real fancy like that, and he not only gladly joined her hey look at the marriage material I am showcasing, but he somehow ended up joining the conversations Elizabeth was a part of… even when she was seated... Read The Rest →

Lifestyle: Ryan & Erika Ferrari


In respect to an anniversary shoot with two people I respect and love so much: a written tribute to the riches of an entire lifetime together. “It only gets better from here, sweetheart.” I’m certainly NOT a marriage expert, in fact– only three years deep, but it’s what I’ve been told. And not from the eloquent, or overly-excited advice givers, but from the real deals… the ones I see thriving, the ones who stuck it out to see it true. I went to them and asked, “What’s better than the beginning? What’s... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Hillary & Matt


It is a fresh-faced purity, an inimitable innocence, the way a 15 year old girl perceives an expansive world untravelled & the love she aches to find in its folds. At fifteen, she’s not jaded, she’s not tired, she’s not doubtful. In many ways her eyes are like brand new glowy suns, lustrous and earnest–the most brilliant little love lamps ablaze, stars inexhaustible. Infinite and hopeful. At fifteen there is no space to settle. Because at fifteen, the search has just begun. And the view from that place is honest,... Read The Rest →

Two Frames: Jordan & Landon Maslyn


“Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being “in love” which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and an accident. Your Mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree, not two.”... Read The Rest →

Married: Courtney & Andrew Olson


  Long tables ornamented with recycled glass, burlap runners, and wildflowers galore. Little globe shaped lights hanging like starry weather above a backyard full of happy people. A food truck with grub so good (veggie burgers topped with local sunflower sprouts, beat sauce, and smoked gouda! get in mah bellay!) that it turned me into a food snob. I’m pretty sure we’re all on strike against the old chicken and rice song from here on out. Girls in summer dresses, a wise woman in a floppy sunhat, some men in... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Laura & Brett


Senior prom was sneaking up on their final year of high school together, and finally, FINALLY, they were both single at the same time. It had been four years of untimely crushing buffered by friendship, and let’s just all stop and acknowledge that a diagnosis of the Secret Hots for a friend in high school is no small thing. It’s a dangerous, volatile ailment, that sometimes results in making out at prom. Best case scenario. And that was the exact scnario that Laura had wound up in her head. “I... Read The Rest →

Married: Katie & James Andrews


 I stood in the most center portion of the old Mission Basilica. It took some time to find– distracted by painted walls and ornate fixtures– but when I found it, everything around me faded. I could only look up. My neck reached as far back as it could go, eyes truly opened, and then…. I lost my balance. It’s dizzying to look past your bearings and into the bigger picture. [Without any forewarning, I was undergoing a transcendent perspective transplant-- out with the mundane and in with magnificent.] There I... Read The Rest →

Just One: Katie & James Andrews


Amidst the old mission rubbles, a new thing stood. A juxtaposition of time, A foreshadowing of longstanding, A parallel in beauty. I could have sat down right there, poured a glass of lemonade, and written poetry about it for hours. But of course, they would have missed their wedding– and that would have been a real big bummer. So I took a picture instead. Just one from earlier today: With Love, Whitney.

Lifestyle Portraits: The Leonard Family


What makes HOME are the million significant details that you don’t even notice until you’re sitting on the floor in your first apartment, whining along like a wounded cat to Taylor Swift songs, coming off of a gnarly estrogen trip, on a desperately quiet winter night. The adrenaline from leaving your nesting place has long worn off, and you briefly decide that going to college was never really what you wanted. In fact, now that you think about it… you actually don’t even believe in college! What you want is... Read The Rest →

Expecting: Shannon & Bret


I had fabulous plans to write this post about expecting, and specifically the last month before Baby. But every bold attempt to write on this topic withered, and my thoughts ran freely towards other things. Less abstract, more lucid things: specifically, my hour photographing Shannon and Bret. Memories flashed through my mind, in vibrant colors– tangerine orange– the yellowish shades of green– rusted out reds– some parts even in slow motion (leave it to me to relive life so dramatically), almost like I was watching a home video. The memories... Read The Rest →

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