Married: Mark & Amber Baldwin


  Electric pink bougainvilleas in absolute bloom, crawling towards the front door, like a banner of beauty extending to the day, like springtime came just for them. Light-splitting crystals like heavenly rain from the chandelier overhead, she sat under the sky of refracting diamonds, but none as precious as the one on her hand, the hand that rested on those dainty legs crossed. She tried her best to keep her lips from quivering, while the makeup artist painted them a shade of rose. My G0d– she looked breathtaking, a muse... Read The Rest →

Married: Mr. & Mrs. Mang-Deich


I have this thing with details. When it comes to my own life, I can’t remember a thing, or where it is. But when it comes to other people’s stories, I have a strange proclivity to hold onto the slimmest, most insignificant of mentionings. I remember what people say. What they looked like when they said it. And how big of a breath they took after it was said. Was it a casual catching of breath in between words? Or was it a sigh? Because a sigh changes the context.... Read The Rest →

Married: Breanne & Isaac


My favorite parts of weddings are the parts that are never on the most up-to-date schedule. They are the parts that happen in the 30 minute block between the first dance and first toast, or between the money dance and garter toss. They are the parts that catch me off guard, that make me feel like I’m on the inside of a family instead of on the set of a production. The band was roaring the sweetest sing-along classics, college friends were sharing old stories as they mingled, when I... Read The Rest →

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