Engaged: Tyler & Elizabeth


They were just friends, she said. Justttt not into her, he said. OH THE LIESSSS. And the pretense? Friends with solid flirt-perks. Just soccer team c0-captains. Just alma-mater sharers. Just study partners. Just someone to clank glasses with (oh, every) Friday night. She’d host elaborate dinner parties serving handmade pumpkin ravioli because she’s real fancy like that, and he not only gladly joined her hey look at the marriage material I am showcasing, but he somehow ended up joining the conversations Elizabeth was a part of… even when she was seated... Read The Rest →

Married: Sarah & Chasen Marshall


 A few short blocks from the energy of commuter trains, just a breezy walk away from a charming Spanish town, cozily tucked away behind large wooden double doors, Chasen and Sarah clanked glasses, stole kisses, and shared dances honoring the choice to live as man and wife, fastened for today tomorrow and always. The grounds brought cheery guests to far away places, The Villa is a time-travel to charming corners from around the world; large rustic chandeliers, old wooden beamed ceilings, lush ivy walls, open sky porches, avocado trees, and... Read The Rest →

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