Engaged: Meghan & Glenn


We took the town in the pouring rain. They kissed it out on street corners, and I followed their romance through artful Los Angeles alley ways. She hid under her leather jacket, and he pulled her in by the waist, keeping his girl warm in heart and body. Passersby stopped and smiled and out-loud admired, as if they were seeing something straight off the big screen. Yet these two defy script and fantasy– what you see is real, and the only thing predictable is their ending. It’s a whole-life fling,... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Priscilla & Matt


 We spend much of our time gazing ahead, don’t we? What’s for dinner tonight? What’s on the calendar for Friday after work? Who will be there? And if the one we’re interested isn’t going to be there, how can we get out of it? Or for a more mature audience: Where will we be living next year? How many kids will we have in ten? Whose birthday party is after church? And if that mom is there… how can we get out of it? DID I SAY THAT OUTLOUD. The... Read The Rest →

Lifestyle: Clarissa Arellano


  Stormy eyes. Summer skin. Life in her bones. Sunshine sprouting from a wild heart. Plus the city strut of a bonafide diva. She’s seventeen, and it’s safe to say she’s got the whole thing goin’ ON. It was just a few weeks ago that we played the streets of metropolitan San Diego, her in heals and wind tossed hair– my camera working overtime to capture every last glance and dancing glimmer from her eyes. I couldn’t bare to let one moment loose. In fact, her photo stream resembles more... Read The Rest →

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