Engaged: Priscilla & Matt


 We spend much of our time gazing ahead, don’t we? What’s for dinner tonight? What’s on the calendar for Friday after work? Who will be there? And if the one we’re interested isn’t going to be there, how can we get out of it? Or for a more mature audience: Where will we be living next year? How many kids will we have in ten? Whose birthday party is after church? And if that mom is there… how can we get out of it? DID I SAY THAT OUTLOUD. The... Read The Rest →

Engaged: Valerie & Zach


“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.”  On Earth as it is in huh? HEAVEN? Ummm, that sounds pretty fancy, Jesus. Borderline too fancy for my simple mind. Keep in mind, I usually eat cereal for lunch. But still, I have an aching for these words I can barely understand! Everything in me wants to get behind this prayer. In fact, it’s all I want to do. BUT HOW? HOW DOES THIS CALL PRACTICALLY WORK ITSELF OUT? My twenty-five years of living confirms... Read The Rest →

Old Young Love


It’s young love, if love is counted by time. It’s old love, if counted by measures of comfort. They sink into one another, comfortable, like home. They seem to have always been married, and it doesn’t seem right to imagine one without the other. Part of her identity is stripped in his absence, and likewise, he isn’t half of himself without her. Brenna is a homemaker. A chief of baked goods. User of the iron, and fluffer of the pillows. She likes to read old books, cook warm meals, and... Read The Rest →

& Christa Chamberlin">Sneak Peak- Ben & Christa Chamberlin


She’s pretty. He’s handsome. She can’t stop smiling at him. He can’t stop staring at her. A story coming on how they keep the butterflies dancing, and why out of everyone, they choose each other. Ben & Christa, you two are contagious lovers. Not to mention, your wedding ruled. Can’t wait to share more soon.

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