Whitney was recommended to me by another popular photographer in the area and I was immediately attracted to her work and style: vibrant, bright colors; crisp imagery; and happy, euphoric couples.   She seems to bring out the best in all of her clients—though I’m sure she would refer to them as her friends.  I immediately felt a connection.  Still, I wanted to take the time to get to know her, as she would be a key component of my wedding day.  She graciously indulged me as I asked for references, and to see more of her work than was shown on the blog.  As an out-of-town bride, my fiancé and I were not able to meet with her until after we had booked her, but she answered all my questions and made the decision of photographer one of the easiest throughout my wedding planning journey.  Whitney is SO easy to work with.  She is the perfect blend of perfectionist and easy-going: she will do everything she can to make sure a shot is perfect, but does it so effortlessly that the whole process is a breeze.  She created memories that will last us a lifetime, and I am so thankful to her for that.  I would 100% recommend Whitney Darling Photography to anyone that is looking for a talented, creative, and energetic wedding photographer!

Katie Andrews


I have now been married for almost three years. Whitney Darling Photography was amazing, breathe taking, honest, pure, creative, artist, PERFECT. Whitney captured the entire essence of the feeling of my day. You only get one, but I get to relive mine every time I open my photobook. She captured every feeling, every detail flawlessly. On top of blowing my expectations out of the water, Whitney herself was just such a joy to be around. She made the day so uncomplicated, so comfortable, so memorable. Honestly the feelings I have in my heart for her and her work, unlike Whitney, I cannot translate properly into words. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart for your part in making my day perfect. Your gifts are truly a blessing.

Lindsey Waibl 


When shopping for a wedding photographer I had one wish on my wishlist: to feel comfortable. Comfort is an understatement when talking about the darling, Whitney Darling. Her passion and creativity is a given… just look at her work! She has a vision and is dedicated to creating exactly what you want and more. You know what sells her even more than her outstanding eye? HER! This girl…oh this girl…she’s a delight to be around. Let’s face it, it’s uncomfortable having a camera snapping away while holding poses… but she makes your experience fun, natural, and most of all comfortable. She leaves you feeling like you want her as your best friend or even your sister. Not only is Whitney a great girl, a talented artist, and a total ham, she’s a beautiful writer! After our engagements and our wedding, Whitney wrote a heartwarming message about us that brought me tears… both times. She worked hard to capture us on camera but was dedicated to capture us in writing. Her artistic abilities are a perfect mix of sweet and spice; choosing you as our photographer was no mistake. Thank you, Whitney, for your dedication to us and for creating photographic and poetic memories to last us a lifetime.

- Katie Gums


How do I sum up such a lovely person and phenomenal wedding photographer? Whitney Shey pours her heart and soul into her work, and it shows. Myself, my groom, my entire family and wedding goers couldn’t stop talking about what an absolute joy she was. Imagine having a photographer that you didn’t enjoy being around? You are with your photographer more than anyone else on your wedding day. It was like Whitney choreographed a perfect dance with her second shooter and our wedding videographer – they worked together seamlessly capturing everything. No one kept us more calm and focused on our wedding day – when things got crazy around us she’d look at Andrew and I and say something like, “Breathe – look around – isn’t this the coolest day ever?!” with the biggest smile! Whitney was a bride and groom’s dream and we hope an abundance of clients are fortunate enough to have her capture a special time in their life.

- Courtney Olson


I had the pleasure of first meeting Whitney while she was in action as the photographer for a girlfriend of mine’s wedding in which I had the honor being a bridesmaid.  The way she was able to calmly and confidently corral 10 overly excited bridesmaids completely had me impressed!  She was kind and gentle, but boldly convinced us to be the in right place at the right time for the perfect shot.  Her energy was infectious and rubbed off on us creating the perfect atmosphere for everyone’s pre-wedding jitters!  I left that day thinking I had met the most wonderful crowd controller in Whitney…but then I saw her pictures and I quickly realized that I had met a genius.  Her work was mesmerizing.  I couldn’t believe the moments she had captured that day.  Needless to say when it was my turn to take a walk down the aisle, Whitney was my first and only call.  I had the honor of having 12 bridesmaids surround, support and love on me my entire wedding day.  So I knew I needed a particularly creative and confident person to herd the troops that day.  But what I didn’t realize is that I had hired the most calming and kind force to hang out by my side all day and capture those fleeting moments we dream would happen on our wedding day.  Whitney’s ability to plan according to what was important to me and my family for that day, just had me shocked.  Whitney and I had several phone conversations before she flew out to Phoenix to photograph my wedding, her questions and insight as what to expect on that day were incredible.  She quickly had me talking of all the little things that were important to me, she didn’t rattle off a list of things she needed from me to make sure that she got the right pictures that day.  Instead she let me excitedly talk of all the details that I had spent too much time and energy creating, she energetically listened as I rambled on about my dress, the flowers, how much I loved my fiancé, how my wedding coordinator was a total nightmare, etc.  She intently took to heart what was important to me, and then on my wedding day she preserved each of those items and moments in the most beautiful and timeless of photographs!  I can’t emphasize enough how infectious her tenderness and kindness can be and add to an already unforgettable day.  I sincerely am not over exaggerating when I say that having Whitney as my photographer was by and far the BEST decision I made in regards to my wedding.

Sierra Dommin



I’m not being paid for this testimony, so I’ll be honest.  Rule 1 is never trust a testimony from someone who is paid. Whitney Darling photography gave my wife and I exactly what we were hoping for throughout the entire process.  Whitney is genuinely passionate about love and photography.  She is very down to earth, but has no problems bossing around the family when it’s necessary.  She went above and beyond to get a myriad of shots before the wedding and during the ceremony/reception.  The photos turned out SO COOL, and we always get compliments on the creative style.  Anyone can click a button to take a photo, but telling a story with the photography is a rare quality.  Whitney Darling photography did just that, and the whole process was stress free! The last thing you need when planning a wedding is more stress, so do yourself a favor and eliminate one stress by hiring Whitney!

- Reid Sund

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